Leslie Bonzella

Leslie is a Brooklyn-based art director and designer. She is currently art directing at NFW making the world’s boldest brands more sustainable.

Leslie is a Scorpio sun, Virgo moon which makes her the “most organized creative you’ve ever met” (direct quote from her project manager). Her unique Zilennial perspective brings order (and aesthetics) to chaos.

She brings a thoughtful approach to every solution she builds. She loves making complicated things simple.


Fashion for Good Installation

2022-2023 | On view February-October 2023

I developed, designed and executed a 7 foot tall, plastic-free installation at the Fashion for Good museum in Amsterdam, NL on behalf of NFW.
What happens when natural fibers like cotton are recycled? Through shredding and carding, fibers are extracted from used fabrics. This process drastically shortens the length of the fibers, which in turn lowers the quality. The result is that a lot of recycled natural fibers end up in low-quality, downcycled products.

NFW has solved this recycling shortfall with Clarus. Clarus is built on the science of “welding” fibers which effectively lengthens and strengthens natural fibers through closed-loop, green chemistry. 

The installation illustrates the science behind Clarus: strengthening thousands of individual fibers to create high-performance natural yarns. It also represents the thousands of global storylines that share a common thread: cotton.

Video credit: Fashion for Good