Leslie Bonzella

Hello. I am a Cincinnati based communication designer. I graduated from University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program in 2020. I’m currently searching for a full time opportunity.

I just finished working with C-90. I helped worked on this AJ Mitchell site, designed sauce labels, and assisted in a multitude of photoshoots.

My current creative interests include sustainability, writing, and environments. My other interests include olives, my dog and white shoes.



2021  | Rebrand, Web Design, Animation

Assisted in strategy, rebrand, and designing a new website for StoryPorts. Completed at C-90 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out the full site at storyports.com
StoryPorts modernizes the way teams build, review, test, and ship more efficient and creative messages across all their email & content campaigns.

Mood board taking inspiration from space diagrams, sans serif + serifs, and the color orange.