Leslie Bonzella

Leslie is a Brooklyn-based art director and designer. She is currently art directing at NFW making the world’s boldest brands more sustainable.

Leslie is a Scorpio sun, Virgo moon which makes her the “most organized creative you’ve ever met” (direct quote from her project manager). Her unique Zilennial perspective brings order (and aesthetics) to chaos.

She brings a thoughtful approach to every solution she builds. She loves making complicated things simple.



2021  | Rebrand, Web Design, Animation

Assisted in strategy, rebrand, and designing a new website for StoryPorts. Completed at C-90 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out the full site at storyports.com
StoryPorts modernizes the way teams build, review, test, and ship more efficient and creative messages across all their email & content campaigns.

Mood board taking inspiration from space diagrams, sans serif + serifs, and the color orange.