Leslie Bonzella

Hello. I am a Cincinnati based communication designer. I graduated from University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program in 2020. I’m currently searching for a full time opportunity.

I just finished working with C-90. I helped worked on this AJ Mitchell site, designed sauce labels, and assisted in a multitude of photoshoots.

My current creative interests include sustainability, writing, and environments. My other interests include olives, my dog and white shoes.



Internship at MKG in Los Angeles

During my internship at MKG, I had the privelege of working with the creative team and gain experience in creative direction. Working under Claire Roudabush, I developed concepts and mood boards for the beauty brand philosophy. The experience opened my eyes to creative writing as a supplement to my design skills.  

“For the re-introduction of the philosophy brand, we’ll create a stylish and contemporary dreamscape, where the search for the perfect beauty routine and products helps reveal your own personal philosophy to skin care.

Throughout the experience, we’ll inspire guests to take a journey through different fun-filled vignettes, designed to educate them on philosophy product categories, simplify their beauty routines, and create balance in their lives.”

Mood boards | Separated by product moment