Leslie Bonzella

Leslie is a Brooklyn-based art director and designer. She is currently art directing at NFW making the world’s boldest brands more sustainable.

Leslie is a Scorpio sun, Virgo moon which makes her the “most organized creative you’ve ever met” (direct quote from her project manager). Her unique Zilennial perspective brings order (and aesthetics) to chaos.

She brings a thoughtful approach to every solution she builds. She loves making complicated things simple.


The Machine

In collaboration with Grace Hertlein, Alex Julian, Blake Juras, Abby Lowenstein, & Alison McNair

The Machine is a proposal for the senior communication design exhibition for the DAAP Graphic Communication Design class of 2020.  

“Communication designers are up and running early in the morning and late into the night, pushing pixels and turning gears.  As we reach the end of our time in DAAP, we are running on empty and blowing fuses left and right. But like cogs in a wheel, we help each other, keep pushing forward, and in the end we always produce the best.

We are the machine.”

Brand Mark




Our brand includes a unique voice and syntax. Taking inspiration from all types of machinery, we would incorporate tongue-in-cheek phrases such as “nuts and bolts” for food and beverage, “running on empty” to update our followers on our capstone progress, and “all systems go” on the day of the exhibition.